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Men's Guide

Choosing Women's Lingerie Tips & Suggestions

When it comes to buying lingerie for a woman, loved one or partner, the thought can be quite daunting. For her, this would be intimate and personal, especially if you get it right, so here at KISSTRIX, we've put together some really helpful tips.

Tip 1 - Choosing The Correct Size

Even before you start thinking about colour or style, getting the size right is the most crucial part. For a surprise gift, we suggest looking through her underwear drawer for bra's and knickers and sleepwear or even the laundry basket for clues. If this proves difficult, look for her favourite pair of trousers or skirts in her wardrobe, as these items will be more up to date. Important, choosing individual lingerie items such as a bra, please check the tag for a size, example (32B) the number represents her chest size and the letter is her cup size, both sizes are important in this case. however choosing individual briefs may have a number or a letter example size (10) or size (M) you only need to pay attention to the number in this instance as the letter size S, M, L, are just an individual manufacturers sizes for their reference and does not mean the true dress size or brief size. We supply all dress sizes, knicker sizes in our size guide to make this simple. Once you have all the size information, keep a note for further

Tip 2 - Choosing The Correct Color

We suggest you Don't buy something that you just want to see her in. Instead think about her taste, again look in her wardrobe and lingerie drawer and see what colours does she have more of. Ask your self-questions like "whats her favourite party dress" maybe what she wears on the outside translates to what colour she wears underneath. Try thinking about her personality, whether she's vibrant and outgoing, then maybe she would love more reds, oranges and bright pinks. She may be more quiet type then prefers more natural or pastel colours that would be more appealing to her. if really unsure, stick to classic black or white lingerie which always comes in lovely styles and designs.

Tip 3 - Choosing The Correct Style

Lingerie has so many varieties nowadays it can be quite mind-blowing.Saucy underwear may get the pulse racing, though there is a time and special place for that and be giving this as a gift isn't one of them.
Instead, a gift should be more classy and expensive looking. Most women tend to buy more practical underwear for themselves, so stick to beautiful lace and soft satin's and intricate detailing as they look gorgeous and glamorous. Most women tend to have insecurities about some parts of their body, on the other hand, you probably think she is perfect, still stay away from items that may reveal those areas. Remember this is a gift that's mainly for her. Conclusion

"Will she feel fabulous and comfortable while wearing this Lingerie and will this flatter her figure in every possible way".